Navratna Fertilisers is a non-governmental fertiliser organisation and has been involved in providing you access to a great degree of experience in terms of the best fertiliser choices for the farmers. Incorporated on 28th January 2008, the company has been working as a private unlisted company that has a total paid up capital of Rs. 2,500,000 and its paid-up capital is Rs. 100,000.

What do you get with the NAVRATNA Fertilizer Distributorship?

Recognising the need for the wider range of crops and a better quality of crops, Navratna fertilisers has been involved in providing you strategized experience in manufacturing the fertilisers par excellence. With a NAVRATNA Distributorship, you can be assured of the high quality experience in terms of a full-fledged product portfolio.

One of the best in the country, the NAVRATNA Fertilizer Products Company in India has been involved in providing you access to a balanced set of fertilisation options. It provides you access to a great degree of options in all essential nutrients such as N (Nitrogen), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Sulphur (S) and Zinc (Zn) for optimum plant growth, yield and quality.

What is NAVRATNA Fertilizer dealership eligibility?

You can get access to a great degree of experience with respect to NAVRATNA fertilizer franchise if you satisfy a few of the prime conditions.

  • You need to have the relevant license for the dealership eligibility.

  • You also need to have enough space for storing the products.

  • You should have a minimum educational qualification of up to 10th standard.

  • You should have good knowledge of fertilisers and allied products.

  • You should have all the relevant documents such as PAN card Aadhar card and others.

  • What benefits and options do we offer?

    With a dealership with NAVRATNA Fertilizer manufacturers, you will be able to earn a decent and good returns on your investments. We do provide you with several advantages and experiences.

    Some of the benefits that you stand to gain as a NAVRATNA Fertilizer dealer can include -

  • We offer a decent advertising support for marketing in marketing with NAVRATNA BAZAR market and other avenues.

  • You can get an enhanced support with the best possible experience in terms of the best infrastructure.

  • Stand a chance for best banners and similar other marketing material.

  • As the second largest manufacturer of fertilisers, the brand does provide training in the fertiliser industry from time to time.

  • Why should you go with the NAVRATNA Fertilizer Products Company in India?

    We do have access to one of the most unique and promising experiences that you would find much unique in every sense of the word. You will stand a chance to win big when you opt for us.

    We make it a point to sell only such fertilisers that meet the said specifications. The fertilisers are offered to you only after the sampling and analysis of the fertilisers and thus you will have only those specific fertilisers that are meant for the best possible quality. You would be able to enjoy a great deal of experience in helping you serve your clients in one of the best ways.

    FAQs on Navratna Fertilisers Dealership-

    How to get NAVRATNA fertilizer franchise?

    Fill an application form online, and you are a few simple steps away from getting a fertiliser franchise. Deposit the requisite EMD (Earnest money Deposit) and get your Fertiliser dealership license. Once you do that, you can get fertilisers dealership with any fertiliser manufacturer.

    When was Navratna Fertilizers Private Limited founded?

    The Navratna fertilisers private limited was founded on January 28, 2008. You would find it a good fertiliser manufacturer and you would find it a truly reliable experience.