Why PARAS Fertilizer Distributorship::

Paras fertilisers have been focussing on providing you access to one of the excellent options and the brand has been instrumental in nurturing the crops like never before. You can be a part of the PARAS Fertilizer Distributorship network. We together can deliver a wide range of products and services for the farming community.

Achieving more positive results relies heavily on the focus of generating improved marketing ideas. It is crucial to thoroughly define your customer base before establishing your business. Among the various types of customers, you can target farmers, garden stores, nurseries, and Krishi Samiti groups. These strategies will assist you in smoothly launching your business. Therefore, prepare yourself for the opportunity to thrive by becoming a PARAS Fertilizer Distributor or a PARAS Urea Dealer.

What makes PARAS Fertilizer manufacturers a good choice?

With a focus on the increasing need for the manures and fertilisers PARAS fertilisers has taken it upon themselves to make the soil preservation and protection one of the major aspects of one’s life. the brand is driven by technological innovations and takes pride in being in the fore front of helping out the farmers in effectively taking care of the crops and reaping the benefits thereof.

The firm has tied up with the organisations CFCL, KFCL, IGFL, etc for catering to the demand in India for the micronutrients. The association with the prestigious government outfits and agencies has been instrumental in providing you a better deal of performance.

The PARAS range of fertilisers has been involved in the manufacturing of the nutrients for the agri-input demands of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, and Rajasthan. We have been one of the top suppliers and have been regarded as the top PARAS Fertilizer Products Company in India.

What can you deal with as a Paras fertilizer franchise?

There are several advantages that you would gain with the right decision to opt for the best Paras fertilizer franchise in India.

  • Single Nutrient fertiliser – you can get access to a high range of single nutrient fertilisers for boosting nutrition in the crops. These include fertilisers such as Zinc, Zinc EDTA Chelate, Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium, Ferrous etc.
  • Mixture of micronutrients – India has a demand for over 1000 metric tons of micronutrients and the mixture of these nutrients would be a good choice based on the particular crop or particular location.
  • Crop protection chemicals – As a PARAS Fertilizer dealer, you will get access to a huge range of formulation and manufacturing of plant protection chemicals that are not harsh on either the plant or the soil. These chemicals are designed for the elimination of weeds.
  • What is PARAS Fertilizer dealership eligibility?

    You need to obtain the license to sell fertilisers by submitting the relevant form to the concerned state or Union Territory. You can take the license as Industrial Dealer in fertilizers or dealer in fertilizers for agricultural sales.

    Once you have the proper licence, you can check for the relevant documents such as PAN, AADHAR, GST details etc. It may be noticed that as per the gazette notification in certain states and union territories, it may be necessary to have a degree for selling fertilisers and chemicals.

    A few FAQs -

    How to get PARAS Fertilizer Distributorship?

    Make sure that you have enough land and initial capital to invest in the Paras fertiliser distributorship. You will need to provide us your PAN, AADHAR, GST details along with a copy of a valid license. Click on Apply Online link here and we will help you get a dealership in no time.

    Is Paras fertiliser harmful for the environment?

    fertilisers are manufactured with the nutrients with a pin point accuracy and thus do not harm the environment or the plants. They also improve the fertility of the soil to a consistent extent.

    What products does Paras provide?

    Paras fertilisers is involved in the manufacturing of high quality micronutrients. We provide a single nutrient variants, a mixture of micronutrients and plant protection chemicals. Paras also sells plant regrowth promoters.

    What are you waiting for?

    Pick the right PARAS Fertilizer dealership contact number today and get in touch with your service provider to get your paras fertiliser dealership right away!